Valves and Ribbons

Our colourful ribbons are 1 meter in length and connected to an insertable valve. Perfect for inflating a large number of helium balloons with minimal fuss!

How to use:
Insert the disc of the valve into the next of the balloon, leaving the stem of the valve coming out of the balloon.
Inflate the balloon through the self-sealing non-return valve.
Peel the edge of the ribbon and voilĂ ! One inflated balloon with no tying knots.

Please note:
Due to the added weight of the valve on the balloon, its float time will be reduced to 3-5 hours.
There is also the possibility of over-inflating a balloon when using the valve. This compromises the seal of the balloon around the valve, allowing the helium to seep out quicker, and reducing the float time further.

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